Security Services

Flight safety assurance on ground is the most important goal to Link Security Services division. Our mission is to provide the most effective, professional, and responsible security services in the industry. In order to achieve these goals; Link Agency developed an innovative concept in aviation security depending on highly trained staff to perform full Security Services during aircrafts handling.


We offer our services at Cairo International airport & in progression of developing our services to reach all the Egyptian airports according to our customers demand.


Our Services:

    Security services in Terminal area including security access control, passengers profiling, documents checks, hand baggage search, boarding security and supervision.
    Security services for baggage & cargo handling including sorting area access control, baggage and cargo escorting, AAA.
    Security Services in Tarmac including Ramp & aircraft access control, catering and cabin deck checks, aircraft guarding and ramp operations control.

Moreover, Link Aero Trading Agency security team has a very tight and close mutual cooperation with many embassies ALOs (Airline Liaison Officers) as we do exchange updated information on suspected illegal trafficking and new discovered ways of documents fraudulent.