Mohamed Samir Zaki / Chief Operating Officer


I have spent the best years of my practical life working at Link Aero Trading Agency. The highly organized system & the quality of service provision policy was my utmost pleasure. There is nothing like working with a dedicated team that enjoys serving on the highest levels possible. Individual commitment to a group effort is the main factor that makes a team work, a company work, a society work, and a civilization work.


Linkawy for ever





Moatasem Mahmoud / Director operations & Training and Executive Board Member

Moatasem joined Link in JUN 1997


I worked in the service industry for a while before I joined Link. With this team I have learnt and developed new concepts for the term “Customer Service”. It is not only about achieving customer satisfaction, but also maintaining it all the way long. All the team members within Link are always racing against time to respond to customers inquiries, processing their requests and fulfilling them. However this speed never comes without professionalism and of course with no compromise of Safety that always comes first. We went through many challenges over the time; now I am stepping into my sixteenth year with the Link team and I am proud to be one of those whom made a difference in making Link a great success.





Amany Amer / Manager International Affairs & Business Development

Amany has joined Link in NOV 2003


It's incredible how Link Agency is such a dynamic company covering so many parts in the world.  It has grown over the past 20 years and most of that growth is due to the ability of its very committed team, working together in harmony and addressing challenges effectively. This year I am turning 10 years as a member within Link team and I have to say I am blessed as well as honored to have worked, grown and learnt in such a vigorous work place.







Hany Ismail / Manager Contracts & Ground Handling Agreements

Hany has joined Link in MAR 1999


Working here since 1999, I have witnessed Link turning from a small firm into one of the leading companies in its field defining excellence. This success, I’m sure, is due largely to the fine leadership and team work collaborating to make sure the client’s needs are met — almost before the clients themselves even perceive a need. I’m proud to be part of such a remarkable establishment. Link richly deserves such success and recognition


Fares Abou Shady / Director Finances

Fares has joined Link in JUL 2000


I always said I spend more time with Link than with my family. Having the chance to experience a success story is a great advantage. I remember long years ago when we had to learn everything from scratch, to work in airports with no facilities and to overcome all difficulties of a startup company. Now we have the knowledge, the experience and the facilities and still eager to learn and to expand in other important markets. Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and United Arab Emirates are not our limits. Our ambition is to be there for our clients when they need us.


Jack Ishak / Human Resources Manager

Jack has joined Link in OCT 2002


Every day when I get into my office  I remember Elbert Hubbard’s words “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man”. I am really lucky to be among such an extraordinary team.



Emad Hashem / Red Sea Area Manager

Emad has joined Link in JUN 2000


Link is too much of a good thing and it is wonderful. The way it manages, communicates, facilitates, and overcomes difficulties is simply unique.




Akram Berzi / Cairo Station Mangaer

Akram joined Link in MAR 1999


I was lucky to start my career at Link Agency. I experienced a lot when I moved from one station to another until I ended up at Cairo station.  Now I can proudly say that I have spent the past 14 years of my life working with great clients,  working with an exceptional team and working towards a common vision. 14 years of ongoing success. 




Wael Samir / Sharm El Sheikh Station Manager

Wael has joined Link in OCT 2004


October 2004 I joined Link Aero Trading Agency. It’s truly an honor to be a member of the team.  I see Link as a strong foundation with clear mission and a solid vision for the future. In Link we’re all working together in harmony, more like a family and that’s one of the recipes of our success..